Best Anti-Wrinkle Serums 2019

Wrinkle Serums are becoming a popular part of skincare regimens everywhere, and are here to stay. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there about wrinkle serums, so women who are looking to purchase them often have no idea where to start, and can make regrettable purchasing decisions as a result.

LetsTalkBeauty.com is here to help. We have done the research for you to answer your burning questions about wrinkle serums. Like:

  • Is there a difference between wrinkle creams and wrinkle serums?
  • What ingredients should I look for in a wrinkle serum?
  • Are wrinkle serums really worth it?

Since we believe that shopping for beauty products should be a breeze, we’ve also evaluated and ranked the top anti-aging serums on the market (as seen below). 

New products are always being added and these rankings constantly change, so be sure to check back often.

If you prefer Wrinkle Creams, we have a chart for that too.

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Product Improves Texture & Firmness Reduce Wrinkles Collagen Stimulation Ingredient Safety Get It Now

Visible Science Argan Oil
Visible Science Organic Argan Oil

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No Wrinkles Now
No Wrinkles Now

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Alpha Derma CE

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Perricone Deep Wrinkle Serum

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Dermagist Serum

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SkinCell Vial #29-A

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Lancome Genfique

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L’Oreal RevitaLift Deep Set

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What’s the Difference Between Anti-Aging Serums and Others?

 What's the Difference Between Anti-Aging Serums and Others?
You’re not alone in thinking beauty creams, lotions, and serums are all the same. There is no regulated way to actually know.

Serums, creams, cremes, lotions, poultices, treatments, oils, balms, ointments, salves… 

There are dozens of different beauty products with a full thesaurus of names to help them stand out from the crowd, yet many seem to do the same thing. There are no federal regulations governing what can be called a ‘serum’ versus a  ‘lotion’, but the answer is in the action.

Serums, typically, are characterized by the ability to absorb quickly and penetrate deeply. If lotion is a beauty grenade for our skin, serums are snipers.

Usually serums are highly concentrated and faster acting than normal creams or lotions. Because of this, they usually have fewer ingredients overall.

Pros and Cons of Anti-Aging Serums vs. Other Anti-Agers

Pros and Cons of Anti-Aging Serums vs. Other Anti-Agers
Serums have their benefits and downfalls, but whether or not to include them in your daily routine is up to you.


  • Highest concentration of anti-aging ingredients
  • Deeply penetrating for almost all skin types
  • Only a few drops are necessary for full effectiveness
  • Lightweight and often oil-and-water based


  • More expensive than other beauty products in the same line
  • Superpowered active ingredients can irritate sensitive skin
  • Very small amount of product for the price
  • Doesn’t always provide intense moisture like a cream

Best Anti-Aging Serum Ingredients

Best Anti-Aging Serum Ingredients
Natural is always best, and that applies to serums too. Thankfully, there are tons of fantastic, all-natural anti-agers!

We have an article here detailing our Top 10 Wrinkle Serum Ingredients which goes over every ingredient in much more depth, but here is the basic rundown of what to look for on the label:

  • Natural extracts
    • Cucumber 
    • Green tea
    • Kaempferia Galanga Root
    • Licorice
    • Argania Spinosa (Argan Oil)
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamins
    • A (aka Retinol, Retinyl, Retin-)
    • C (aka Ascorbic Acid)
    • E (aka tocopheryl acetate)
  • Peptides
    • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide
    • Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7

As you can see, our list is heavily reliant on natural extracts and vitamins, as well as a select few scientifically boosted  powerhouse anti-agers. Any good anti-aging serum worth the hype is going to have some of the ingredients on that list, and not much else.

Anti-Aging Serum for Oily Skin

Anti-Aging Serum for Oily Skin
Unfortunately, acne doesn’t stop when we reach adulthood. Thankfully, there are plenty of remedies.

So what happens if you have oily or combination skin, and want to use a serum to fight against the signs of aging? You may be thinking that due to serum’s slick texture, it might cause a breakout on your already precarious skin surface.

The truth is, because serums can penetrate so deeply into our skin, they can also rebalance the excess sebum that causes an oily complexion. It’s just a matter of finding the correct serum for the job.

Anti-Aging Serum for Oily Skin
Oily skin calls for a thin, almost watery serum for the most sensational effect.

Look for the most lightweight serum you can, with the highest water-to-oil ratio. No need for any extra oil in the product. Just a tiny bit will do. Instead, look for antioxidant ingredients, like Vitamin A/Retinol. Those can typically dry out the skin in too high concentrations, but for those of us with a little excess oil, that’s actually an added bonus.

It may seem odd to put an oily product on oily skin, but there is logic behind it. Our skin creates excess oil when it believes there isn’t already enough. So if we replace that sebum oil with a formulated serum chock-full of good-for-us ingredients, we reap a two-for-one benefit!

Anti-Aging Serum for Men

Anti-Aging Serum for Men
Aging affects everyone, so why shouldn’t there be anti-aging solutions for all genders?

Gone is the stereotypical age where women were the only ones who had to be concerned with the state of their aging skin. It is still an unbalanced scale, but more and more men are becoming increasingly aware and fascinated by caring for their skin.

While the large majority of skin care is the same across the gender spectrum, there are some special challenges to be faced (buh dum tiss) when looking specifically for an anti-aging serum for men.

Anti-Aging Serum for Men
Beards are their own beast, and each one needs care as unique as the individual growing it.

Firstly, is there facial hair involved? How much? Does it need its own oil or grooming products? Will you need to keep separate products for beard and under-beard skin and non-bearded skin? Likely, yes. But thus is the nature of the fashion beast. Welcome to the beauty world, gents.

In all honesty, it isn’t terribly difficult. Beard hair is its own topic with its own needs, but when it comes to facial anti-aging serums for men, when no beard is in consideration, you can search for the same things as anyone else. Natural extracts, vitamins, a formulation that works with your skin type.

Sometimes, it’s almost like we’re the same species…

Where Is The Anti-Aging Serum for Me?

Where Is The Anti-Aging Serum for Me?
Most products are widely available both in-stores and online nowadays.

You may think you need to make a special trip to Sephora or Ulta to pick up that new anti-aging serum you’ve got your eye on, but that is no longer the case. More and more commonly, products (even specialty ones) are available at local big box retailers like Walmart.

Take our top pick, Visual Science Organic Argan Oil. Not only is it a point and click away from showing up at your door, but if you happen to be heading out on a grocery run, you can grab your new favorite Anti-Aging Serum at Walmart.

Where Is The Anti-Aging Serum for Me?
Serums are tiny but powerful, and definitely deliver significant bang for the buck.

Whatever your preference, whether you would like your product to come to you or want to head out and grab a bottle before brunch, the choice is yours. Not only in when and how you pick your anti-ager, but which one is right for you.

We have done the footwork and laid out our best opinions and research, but it’s up to you to choose what’s best for your skin. Now, thankfully, you have all the tools to do so.

If you would like to learn more about the specific products in the above chart, click the links on the right to read the in-depth reviews.

As always, be sure to check back often for more skin and beauty tips, tricks, and reviews!

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