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Who is LetsTalkBeauty.com?

LetsTalkBeauty.com is the #1 online information resource for anything and everything related to beauty. Whenever you visit our site, you know that you’re getting the best advice, tips, tricks, hacks, and info on how to improve your general aesthetic. You’ll also get a little bit of the fun stuff, like celebrity gossip and more.

Unlike most fashion and beauty websites, we live and thrive on hearing from our visitors. Whether you leave a comment on one of our articles, “at us” @LetsTalkBeauty on Twitter, or engage with us in some other manner of your choosing, we’d love to hear from you! It’s feedback like yours that makes this site a living, breathing, enthusiastic success. Your thoughts and input – along with keeping a close eye on the fashion and beauty industry – is what makes this the most successful informational resource on all things beautiful.

Here at LetsTalkBeauty.com, our mission is simple: to make the world a happier, healthier, more aesthetically pleasing place.

We have a small but experienced team of fashionistas, makeup artists, hair stylists, and estheticians working hard to bring you the info you need to live a more beautiful life. Our combined years of experience in the fashion and beauty industries total 100+ years of beauty and fashion obsession! You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone on the internet today who’s better at this than us.

We enthusiastically hope you will take your time while perusing our site and bookmark often. Also, keep checking back for regular updates. The fashion and beauty industry is a constantly changing, evolving beast and we wouldn’t want your look to fall behind the trends or get stale. Have fun, and enjoy your time here!

The LetsTalkBeauty.com team