Add These Techniques to Your Makeup Routine This Season

Brittany Kline
By: Senior LetsTalkBeauty Editor  |  Brittany Kline

This season is a great time to try out new makeup trends. It’s the perfect time to experiment with vivid colors and shimmery makeup that gives your skin a dewy look. Knowing how to keep your makeup from smearing, melting, or creasing in the heat will give you the confidence to rock your new look for hours on end.

No Thanks, Racoon-Eyes!

Professional makeup artists say that you can prevent eyeliner smudging if you choose the right formula. If you’re looking for eyeliners that are easy to apply, choose an eye pencil that glides onto the eye and is waterproof for the entire day. You may also want to try liquid liner, which stays in place for hours. When you need to remove eyeliner, be sure to use an oil-based remover so that the eyeliner will come off easily.

If you’re being photographed in your eye makeup, you can mix eyeshadow with mixing medium to keep your eye makeup on for hours under lighting. Use an angled brush to apply the makeup for precision, and when the eyeshadow mix dries, it will be smudge-proof and waterproof. You can also brush a layer of clear mascara over a black liner to keep it in place longer.

If you wear eye makeup every day or every other day, you may want to avoid eye cream since the oil in the cream can cause smudging. Apply moisturizer carefully to your face, avoiding the eyelids after you’ve applied your eye makeup.

Creases Are For Pleats, Not Eyeshadow

If your eyelids are naturally greasy, your eyeshadow may crease often, especially during the summer. To prevent this, you can use liquid eyeshadow instead of powder to keep the makeup in place. Liquid formulas will stay on longer and don’t smudge or crease in heat as often. Choose a liquid eyeshadow that dries quickly so that the color won’t budge and will maintain its brightness all day long.

Melt-Proof Mascara

Choose a waterproof mascara that has ‘fibers‘. These fibers help to build your lashes and make them look fuller and withstand heat. Be sure to look up when you apply mascara to your lower lashes to prevent smudging. When you finish applying the mascara, use a cotton swab covered with a little concealer to clean up any mascara mishaps.

There are several mascara brands that are formulated for humid weather, so check out popular beauty brands for quality mascara that stays put regardless of the weather.

A Solid Foundation, All Day Long

Using the right products can help ensure that your makeup doesn’t run on a hot day

One of the best ways to ensure that your foundation doesn’t melt or fade during the day is to ‘zone moisturize‘. You can use a mattifying moisturizer on the parts of your face that tend to get oilier, like your nose and forehead, before applying your foundation. You can also mix foundations to get the look you want and keep your foundation looking its best during the day.

After using your favorite liquid foundation, apply a light layer of powder foundation in the areas where your foundation often slips or separates. This provides more coverage and makes the foundation last longer. It’s also best to select your foundation according to your skin type, the same way you would choose a skin care product.

Primer can keep your makeup intact during the day as well, but remember that not touching your face throughout the day is also helpful. The warmth of your fingers will move your makeup and make it look spotty.

Stop Foundation Oxidation

While you can’t completely prevent your foundation from oxidizing, you should know which foundations oxidize the most and avoid them, especially in warm weather. Get samples of the foundations you’re considering and wear each foundation for one day before you make a purchase. This keeps you from spending money on a foundation that doesn’t work for your skin.

If you’re vacationing and plan on tanning, get a foundation with yellow undertones so that your face will match the rest of your body when you’re wearing makeup.

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