Got The Beach Bod? Time For Your Beach Face!

Brittany Kline
By: Senior LetsTalkBeauty Editor  |  Brittany Kline

Looking gorgeous on the beach is a no brainer for most women. Bikini, pony tail, and a smile, and you’re ready to rock! Some, however, like to put in a little more effort, and that’s okay too. The average woman will go to the beach in a full face of makeup if she is going for a social function. Yet, the practicality of makeup at the beach does not make too much sense when it just comes off from sweat or the ocean. The following ideas will help you look fresh-faced and ready for anything with a minimal approach to make up. This will let you still look and feel great while also protecting your skin and applying more than just sunscreen.

Sunscreen, First Thing!

Apply sunscreen religiously to keep fresh and looking good all summer long 

While you might want to skip applying sunscreen as it will mess up your face of makeup, avoid this at all costs! This is your number one protection against the sun and its harmful UV rays. There are facial sunscreens available that you can apply under your makeup if you are worried about messing up your look. You need to invest in a good sunscreen that is waterproof. It needs to stick to your skin really well. Apply it generously before heading out, and remember to apply it every 30 minutes. This will keep your skin protected all through sweat or shine.

A Good Lip Balm Will Soothe Your Lips the Whole Summer!

Keep your lips looking fresh and plumped up all season long with a tinted shade of lip balm

Your lips will get incredibly dry on the beach and chapped from the wind. You need to invest in a good lip balm that will keep them smooth and fresh as you play on the beach. Look for ingredients like tea tree oil or mint to add soothing properties for overly chapped lips. You can even look for tinted balm to add a pop of color as you lounge on the beach. Keep applying all day to keep your lips in top condition and to prevent them from being dried out.

It is also important that your lips have sunscreen protection; a minimal SPF is needed in your lip balm to protect them too. The skin around your lips is very thin and prone to being burned. As long as you are vigilant, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have pretty, kissable lips all summer long!

A Cheek Stain Does Double the Duty

A good cheek stain can be used for two jobs. You can apply it to the apple of your cheeks for some instant rosy color. But, it can also be used to add some tint to your lips as well. A cheek stain is perfect for the summertime and beach use because it will not budge once you apply. A cream-based blush or powder will quickly melt off in the heat and water, but not with a stain! Plus, you can even use it to apply some rust-colored shadow to your eyes after a day on the beach. It will keep you looking pretty and ready to go no matter what your plans.

Be Daring With Waterproof Eyeliner

A great waterproof eyeliner will set your look for the rest of the day. Avoid mascara because even the strongest formulas can be runny. You need to find a formula proven to stay put no matter what. For example, look at what synchronized swimmers wear while performing in the pool. These products are designed to stay on as these girls dance in the deep end. Apply before heading out to the beach, and reapply as needed. However, a great waterproof eyeliner won’t move if you are careful. It can add some dimension to an otherwise makeup-free look.

As you can see the beach can be a place to wear some of your favorite makeup products. You just need to find the right ones for your skin type and with enough protection to last the day. You will be able to reapply once on the beach and as needed. Feel free to add some shimmering body lotion to complete your beach babe look. You can be easy, breezy and full of glamour as your frolic in the waves or lounge by the pool!

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Brittany Kline
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