Milan’s Best Streetwear Looks of the Season

Brittany Kline
By: Senior LetsTalkBeauty Editor  |  Brittany Kline

The Milan fashion scene remains at the top of its game with each passing season. The attendees of fashion month’s most glamorous spot love to step out dressed head to toe in luxury. This city is full of old-school refinery that hasn’t changed in decades, which can be seen as both a blessing and a deterrent to more creative fashion lovers.

What Makes Milan Streetwear So Special?

Milan plays an important part in the fashion scene as the de-facto capital of Italian fashion. It is where business is conducted, and the designs brought to life. Production and art might be found in Florence, but Milan is the cultural center of the fashion world in Italy. As a result, many wealthy patrons and workers of the industry hold fast to their ideals of classic and modern fashion.

You will not find extravagant street wear while in Milan, unlike the youth and music cultural scene that influences London. Even the casual chicness of Paris gives way to more refined trends and luxury in the French capital. Italians love to show off their status but in that distinctly Italian way that exudes glamour and sophistication.

Brands to Watch During Fashion Week

Luxury brands reign supreme during Milan Fashion Week. You will see the latest in high-end Italian fashion from Fendi to Prada and everything in between. The newer the bag, then the more prestigious it will be. Fashion photographers work hard to find the rare jewel among the pearls at Milan Fashion Week as they can be few and far between in the sea of look-alike Dolce and Versace.


There is a fine line between tacky and tasteful when it comes to Italian fashion. Gucci is one of the best examples of this. You will see plenty of the Florentine-based brand on the streets of Milan as fashion contenders and models run in between shows. The quirky style of Gucci is lauded for its eclectic ‘grandma’ style that is equal parts incredibly fine and decadent as well as slightly vulgar. The jewel-encrusted turbans and neon accents make it unique in a world that celebrates the bizarre. If you want to see some of the best Gucci Fashion Week looks, check out pictures during the week and leading up to the show. You will see the latest looks on influencers and editors as they leave the usually showman-like runway of Gucci.

More Styles to Watch

Of course, mixing designer with low-end fashion is also an enviable trait found among the most stylish of Milanese streetwear. You can see that in looks where one woman pairs an expensive-looking and well-fitted lace mesh dress with a simple straw bag. The summer is the best time to take your look down a notch, and she is the perfect example to look to for inspiration during Fashion Week. True style is hard to find, but when it is seen, keep onto those looks for future reference! You never know when you will want to borrow a style for your own Fashion Week look in Milan.

Mixing luxury brands and lower end items is a great way to mix up your look

As you can see, Milan is one of the best cities to visit when it comes to high-end luxury fashion. You will see models and stars with their absolute best on during Fashion Week each year. You need to stay on top of your game if you want to run with the best of the industry in this city. Full-on luxury is a must, and when in doubt, pick designer!

Of course, you can still keep your look classic and well-groomed if you do not have the budget for designer pieces. However, Milan is a must-see for those who love the more glamorous side of fashion as every little detail is noted from the hair to the shoes. A Milanese or Italian person has the innate ability to look incredible and rich no matter the actual price of the outfit. Take a clue from street style pictures to put together your own looks inspired by the best of Milan.

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