Celebrities with Stretch Marks

While the normal woman may believe that superstars and celebrities don’t suffer from stretch marks, it’s not true. This myth is perpetuated because people continue to think that celebrities can:

  • Hire trainers to keep them in shape before and after their pregnancies.
  • Pay for the high costs to get rid of their stretch marks with laser surgery.

While celebrities can pay for expensive surgeries and exclusive trainers, many of them opt not to. In truth, most celebrities tend to pick non-invasive ways to fix their skin problems. They’re not going to risk their careers and their bodies for any surgeries. In some cases, celebrities won’t even risk undergoing body enhancement surgeries, like breast enhancement.

The real reason that celebrities never seem to suffer from stretch marks is because they are famous. Since they have fame and wealth they can afford to seek out people who know the ins and outs of dealing with skin problems. One of the perks that comes with being famous is that celebrities tend to meet experts who can recommend the most effective creams, lotions, and serums for their skin afflictions. Most of these products are commercially available too, so anyone can afford to treat their stretch marks like celebrities do.

Angelina Jolie Stretch Marks

“I love it. It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason. It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing. Also, I’m fortunate. I think some women have a different experience depending on their partner. I think that affects it. I happen to be with somebody who finds pregnancy very sexy.”

Angelina Jolie, on being pregnant

Angelina’s opinions on pregnancy and being pregnant were quoted in the July 2008 edition of Vanity Fair, but we have an additional inside scoop on Angelina Jolie’s opinions on stretch marks and how they affected her before and after her pregnancy. Check it out!

Stretch Marks: How the Celebrities Deal with Them

One well-kept secret about celebrities with stretch marks is that many well-known actresses and starlets use lotions, creams, and serums to deal with stretch marks during their pregnancies, just like everyone else. Luckily, you can find many of these products available for purchase online and in stores. We’ve reviewed the top products on the market. Take a look at our reviews section to find out which will work best for you!

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