How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

If you suffer from stretch marks, know that you are not alone. Stretch marks are one of the most common skin problems among women, and the conditions that cause them vary greatly:

  • Pregnancy can often leave behind stretch marks.
  • Gaining or losing weight can leave stretch marks.
  • Puberty can stretch the skin and cause stretch marks to form.
  • Bodybuilding—rapidly building up muscle, in particular—can form stretch marks.

So, basically, anything that changes the shape or proportion of our bodies can put stress on our skin and leave behind stretch marks. But what can we do about them?

Are Striae and Stretch Marks the Same Thing?

Simply put, stretch marks are scars that form beneath your skin. When your body shape changes, or if skin is pulled and stretched too quickly in any way, there is a chance that the lower layers of the skin may suffer damage and even tear. These deep layers are composed primarily of collagen and other types of connective tissue, which will tear when stretched beyond their limits. Primarily, these deep layers of collagen and connective tissue pad and cushion your skin—supporting it from within—and when they tear, the damage can be seen through the top-most layers of skin. These torn layers of skin are frequently an off-shade of pink or white (depending on your state of health), and have a noticeably different texture that can be felt by your fingertips. Your doctor may call them “striae,” but to everyone else they are simply called “stretch marks.”

How Can We Get Rid of Our Stretch Marks?

Thankfully, we can get rid of stretch marks by promoting healing in the deeper sections of the skin. This healing process has been the primary focus of many dermatologists, who invest large amounts of time and money searching for new and better ways to get rid of stretch marks, so that women no longer need to turn to surgical or chemical treatments for help. Since there are many dermatologists and many companies who research and manufacture treatments for stretch marks, the market for stretch mark creams and serums is always expanding. Some of these products are available over-the-counter at local pharmacies, others might require that you consult with a trained physician before use, and some products even contain experimental—and potentially dangerous—ingredients that haven’t gone through federal testing. We have collected and organized reviews of the most popular products on the market so that our readers can find the most ideal stretch mark solutions for themselves.

So, take a look at our Stretch Mark Cream Reviews to see what’s on the market and which one may be the best for you. Don’t hesitate- you’re just a few steps away from a better-looking body.

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