Kate Middleton’s Secrets for Always Looking and Feeling So Amazing

Brittany Kline
By: Senior LetsTalkBeauty Editor  |  Brittany Kline

Kate Middleton has been in the public eye for most of her adult life, and she has always looked fabulous no matter what she was doing. This was no small matter with paparazzi lurking around each corner. However, Kate manages to somehow pull it off with style and grace every time.

As the woman next in line to be queen of the UK, the Duchess of Cambridge takes a very pragmatic approach to her care for herself in order to stay fit in every way. Part of her secret to staying healthy is accredited to her adherence to a consistent diet and fitness program that incorporates many science-backed habits. Two of these are regular, intensely focused exercise sessions and a healthy diet including raw foods.

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Eating Raw for a Healthy Glow

Kate Middleton adds plenty of superfoods to her diet. Spirulina is algae that supplies the body with a list of beneficial antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to help boost the immune system and potentially help guard against allergic reactions. To keep her energy going, Kate likes to eat raw foods like goji berries, gazpacho, and spinach, kale, and blueberry smoothies with some spirulina powder mixed in. Either cooked or raw, she enjoys having a large variety and quantity of fruits and vegetables in her protein-rich diet to supply her with lots of vital nutrients.

Kate Middleton’s Dedicated Exercise Routine

Any time there is a photo of her in workout gear, she is always toned, lean, and radiant. She is known to do a lot of cardio and training with weights to keep her youthful figure in top form. All of this she does on her own, too, without the motivation of a personal fitness trainer, which is simply amazing dedication to say the least.

Dedicated Exercise Routine
Her Royal Highness likes to keep her workouts fresh and enjoys getting in a run whenever she can.

In addition to her running routine, Kate also played a number of different sports when she was younger, such as skiing, hockey, and tennis, which she still enjoys today. She sometimes gets the royal family involved, too, and has often been seen taking runs with her dog, Lupo, while she pushes young Charlotte along for the ride. Giving her workout this kind of focus is a great testament to her equal commitment to her health and family.

Finding Her Center

When it comes time to de-stress and wind down from the strenuous activity, Kate Middleton enjoys the stretching and core-strengthening properties of yoga. This keeps her body limber and supple. The centering of the mind and alignment of the energies of the body has a tremendous effect on its healing and rejuvenation. For this, she finds that seated poses are among her favorites.

Always Something New for Kate Middleton

The duchess regularly adds in elements of the Dukan Diet, which promotes a higher protein and lower carbohydrate menu with other important oils and fats. This is supposed to be the plan she followed to slim down before her wedding and after having her three children. Her ability to effortlessly manage all her royal duties and children while remaining in such terrific shape is inspiring for millions of women around the world.

Kate Middleton used a program called Busy Mums Fitness to get herself back into shape after having her first child, Prince George, and it has since become part of her postnatal strategy. Pilates is another way Her Highness is known to spend her workout time, and it likely helped her to stabilize and strengthen her posture properly after her multiple pregnancies. 

Kate Middleton is an inspiring role model for physical and mental health. Her dedication to eating well and exercising is evident, and she offers a good plan for men and women alike to follow. Learn more about celebrity diets and workout routines or check out our general health articles.

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