7 Ways To Lose Weight While Sleeping

Brittany Kline
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If there is one thing that everybody wants to do it’s to find new ways to help keep those unwanted extra pounds off. Sure, you can always find more time and energy to workout or look for ways to cut back on eating. But no one can deny that doing those kinds of things takes a lot of will-power which also means a lot of added stress in a world that doesn’t really need anymore. So, when it comes to ways to burn extra calories there are a lot of different theories out there on how to make that happen without turning your whole life upside down. In fact, there are a number of ways that can help you burn fat and lose weight while you’re sleeping. And, if that doesn’t make for a stress free way of losing weight, then there probably isn’t a way to do it.

So, with all of that said, let’s dive into some of the ways that we can shed some extra pounds while getting some well-deserved shut eye.

In this article:

  1. Get More Iodine In Your Diet
  2. Switch Your Cooking Oil
  3. Eat More Protein
  4. Build More Muscle
  5. Keeping Well Hydrated
  6. Eat Chili Peppers
  7. Exposure To Cold

#1: Get More Iodine In Your Diet

#1: Get More Iodine In Your Diet

That’s right, the thyroid gland plays a major role in your metabolism rate and one of the key elements that makes it run well is Iodine. Now, most people get a lot of their daily intake of Iodine from the salt that they eat but there are some differences in the variety of salts that we generally consume which makes the choice of salt so important. For instance, there has been a big push for sea salt in recent years because of some perceived health benefits but the fact is that sea salt is not usually fortified with Iodine the way regular table salt is, and only contains a trace amount of iodine naturally. Still, the best salt as a source of iodine is any kind that has been Iodized. So, whether you prefer sea salt or regular table salt, either one can help you to lose hundreds of more calories per day if they have an increased level of Iodine. If none of your salts are iodized, consider taking an iodine supplement, or eating more sea vegetables.

Add to that the importance of zinc and selenium in your diet and their capacity to help boost metabolism and you have even more reasons to get the proper amount of salt into your diet in order to lose weight while sleeping.

#2: Switch Your Cooking Oil

#2: Switch Your Cooking Oil

For those who don’t know there are some major differences in the chemical composition of cooking oils. And, these differences can have a big effect on how they work in conjunction with your metabolism rate. For instance, cooking oils such as coconut oil are far better at helping to elevate your metabolism rate than oils such as those found in butter. This is because butter and other oils like it are known as Long Chain Triglycerides, or LCT’s, which have been shown in numerous studies not to have the same impact on raising metabolism rates as cooking oils that use Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT’s

In the end, a boost to your consumption of MCT’s will help to increase your metabolism rate by a significant degree which could allow you to burn hundreds of extra calories per day without any other changes to your diet or exercise routine.

#3: Eat More Protein

#3: Eat More Protein

Out of the three major forms of nutrients which include proteins, carbs and fats, proteins are the ones that can really work to boost your metabolic rate. The reason for this is two-fold. The first reason is that it has a higher thermic effect than the others which just means that if forces the body to increase its heat creation mechanisms in order to process and digest sources of protein such as meat. This, by itself, causes an increase in the amount of calories burned.

The second reason for this is that protein is vital in helping you maintain or even increase the production of muscle tissue even as you work to reduce the overall amount of tissue in the body in the form or unwanted fat. This understanding leads us directly in our next way to help lose weight while sleeping.

#4: Build More Muscle

Build More Muscle to lose weight while sleeping

This might seem like a real no-brainer but there is a lot of confusion as to the role that muscle plays in weight loss. For instance, it was widely believed for many years that one pound of muscle in the body could help to burn as much as fifty calories per day, which would be a lot. However, more recent studies have shown that the real number is actually somewhere around just six to eight calories per day per pound of muscle.

Still, that is only part of the equation because the high level use of muscle causes a major loss of glycogen which must be replaced. This, in turn, leads to the need to eat more carbs which contain large amounts of glycogen. So, when it all comes down to it, building muscle allows you to eat more of the satisfying foods that you want to eat while, at the same time, giving your body what it needs to become a better fat and calorie burning machine, and allow you to lose weight while sleeping.

#5: Keeping Well Hydrated

#5: Keeping Well Hydrated

One of the key things that gets overlooked in the whole process of healthy weight loss is the amount of water that we drink throughout the day. This can have a significant impact on the body’s ability to process calories and burn fat as muscles need a high level of hydration to work at peak levels. To make this point more tangible it should be pointed out that just two cups of water per hour can help the body to burn up to twenty-four calories and greater amounts of water combined with a suitable amount of regular exercise can lead to the burning of up to one hundred extra calories.

Also, it must be noted that drinking cold water is more beneficial in this regard as cold water forces the body’s thermic reaction to kick into high gear in order to compensate for the need to heat the water as part of the digestive process. Making the body beef up its thermic reaction leads to an elevation of burned calories, allowing you to lose weight while sleeping. 

#6: Eat Chili Peppers

#6: Eat Chili Peppers

Okay, this one might seem like it’s coming out of left field, but the simple fact is that these hot little veggies contain a high level of capsaicin. This is important because this natural chemical is known to activate brown adipose tissue, otherwise known as brown fat cells, which leads to fat cell oxidation. These oxidized fat cells tend to increase the burning of fat cells due to the relative heat that they generate in the process.

In addition to all of that, capsaicin is also believed to make you feel fuller following meals which could lead to a diminished desire for more food as in the desire for second helpings or dessert. And, eating chili peppers while on a diet can help to burn more and more calories and reduce the desire to eat more. In the end, the results of this strategy can lead to better sleep and accelerated weight loss.

#7: Exposure To Cold

#7: Exposure To Cold to lose weight while sleeping

This approach is probably the least pleasant to think about for many but there is clear evidence that an increase in metabolic rate is likely to occur. This is largely due to the fact that the body, when exposed to temperatures as mild as the mid-sixties on the fahrenheit scale, generally tend to increase the burning of brown fat cells in order to build up internal heat. In fact, many cultures around the world have built up ritual activities designed to improve health centering around exposure to cold conditions including immersion into ice baths or similar endeavors. No matter what the intent of those who created these rituals the facts do show that practices of this nature can increase internal heat production.

A couple easy ways to achieve this for most people is to lower the thermostat into the mid-sixties. But, it should be noted that wearing more clothing in order to counter the lowered temperatures would defeat the purpose of this exercise as they would diminish the effects of the lowered temperature. The other way would be to engage in taking cold showers. This has been shown in some studies to be a quick and easy way to force the body to compensate for the loss of heat and can produce an extra fat burn that results in up to an extra twenty-four calorie burn.

No matter which of these tactics that you may want to use to help achieve greater weight loss it must be noted that all of them individually or combined can work to increase your body’s ability to burn fat and many, if not all of them, can lead to your body being able to burn fat on a consistent basis and even while you are sleeping.

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