Jennifer Aniston Stands Out With Approachable Style, and You Can, Too

Michelle Green
By: Senior Editor & Skincare Expert  |  Michelle Green

Many of us like to watch a favorite celebrity to copy her hair, makeup, and amazing fashion. Jennifer Aniston has always landed at the top of many best-dressed lists both on and off the red carpet because her appearance is friendly and fashion-forward with wearable ensembles. She isn’t trying to go over-the-top to impress and doesn’t add unnecessary froufrou. She is genuine and contemporary with a personal style that’s always casual-chic. Jennifer is the ultimate cool chick.

When it comes to streetwear, the actress enjoys stepping out in classic army-green pants and other casual staples. You can’t miss with the basic neutral, and it’s a nice change from the skinny jeans she also likes to show off. Army green has that military vibe and goes with everything from flip-flops to blazers and duster coats.

A Nod to Solid Colors With an Occasional Pop of Pattern

If you skim through a hundred photographs of Ms. Aniston over the years, you will see that the beauty favors solid colors just about every single time. Once in a while, she is photographed in a pretty floral garment or two, but that is not very often. She rarely appears in patterned fabrics even casually on the street.

Her fashion philosophy sticks to the basics that work every time, and black or red ensembles have made the woman a fashion icon beloved around the globe. When you see her posing on the red carpet, you’ll notice a sleek, glamorous woman from head to toe exuding a long, lean line. The look can be classic or edgy but never stuffy or fashion-bizarre.

For example, Jennifer loves rich, minimalist black pieces that are simply sophisticated. She understands that solid black is sexy, timeless and easy to accessorize. She is known for gracing the red carpet in a high-slit dress, jumpsuit, pantsuit, or leather outfit to turn heads. We see the black ensembles, but we really notice the woman who is wearing them.

Aniston stands out in simple black leather pieces.

When she becomes the lady in red, it’s a real treat for her fans. Do you remember the strapless Valentino red dress Jennifer wore to the 2013 Oscars? It was a stunner, and the star wore her perfectly coiffed blonde locks down in beachy waves with diamond drop earrings. She looked expensive but in the most accessible way.

Creating a Signature Look With Super-Chic Accessories

Jennifer Aniston knows how to work the details when it comes to perfect accessorizing, and this fashion asset keeps her standing out in a sea of Hollywood celebrities. Some of us don’t know when to quit, and we keep piling on the jewelry and extra bling as an example.

The former “Friends” star knows the mileage she can get out of putting on a plain white T-shirt and the way she can build a wardrobe. She may toss on a seasonless scarf and a gorgeous pair of classic Aviators to pull the look together.

A structured black blazer can go the distance when the actress pairs it with a cute crossbody bag and a pretty watch. She often shows her casual chicness with a pendant that looks lovely with any top.

Playing around with accessories and proportions is one thing this famous icon does really well. She puts on just enough to balance the outfit. In other words, Jennifer Aniston is always wearing her clothing; her ensembles are not wearing her.

Everyone knows how the Rachel-do from “Friends” defined a generation. Who didn’t rush to their stylist with photos of the choppy-layered cut asking for the “Rachel Green” haircut?

Today, Jennifer Aniston’s modern girl-next-door glamour continues to inspire us all. You, too, can enhance your wardrobe by taking a few chapters out of the Aniston book of fashion. Begin with a pair of army-green pants and go from there. Even learning to tie your scarf the way she does is a key to her easy-breezy Hollywood style.

Her look is comfortable and contemporary, and it’s something that’s doable for each of us.

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Michelle Green
Senior Editor & Skincare Expert
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