How to Get Rid of Split Ends

Most people only know of one way to remove split ends – by cutting them off. In fact, when it comes to split ends, prevention is the best cure. Split ends can actually be avoided by employing a few simple steps to keep them from happening. All of these steps can fit easily into your morning or nighttime routine.

Be Gentle With Your Hair. Hair is most vulnerable to damage when it’s wet, so take special care when you’ve just stepped out of the shower or bath. You should also avoid overbrushing your hair. When you brush, your hair stretches and the stretching causes strain. This strain can lead to wear and tear, which eventually leads to split ends. Finally, if your hair is tangled, don’t try to comb through the tangles. When you comb through tangles, you leave hair fibers exposed and at risk to split ends. Instead of forcing a comb through, separate tangled hair into sections and slowly untangle using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. All in all, take special care of your hair when brushing or combing, especially when wet. 

Shield Your Hair Against Heat. Using a blow dryer or heat styling implements (such as flat irons or curling irons) on your hair can actually make your hair more likely to get split ends. Heat styling implements also can break down hair’s protective barrier, resulting in dry, brittle hair. What’s the best solution? First of all, allow your hair to air dry as often as possible. When you really need to blow dry your hair, use a lower heat setting. For many people, heat styling is absolutely necessary; the best defense is to use a product that will protect your hair against heat damage. The best of these products add moisture, an additional protective layer, and a healthy sheen to your hair; the worst of these products add a layer of protection, but often leave hair looking dull or greasy.

Home Remedies. There are some home remedies that will help fight split ends, including Jojoba oil and avocado. Jojoba oil is included in many hair care products because it is similar to the oil produced by the scalp. Plenty of women, especially those with dry hair, claim it can help prevent and even fix split ends. An avocado, mashed with an egg and some olive oil, makes a nourishing hair mask to prevent damage and split ends.

In the end, it’s all about paying attention to your body and keeping your hair moist. Once again, the best way to fight hair damage and split ends is to avoid them in the first place by using a quality hair protection product.  Our experts have reviewed and ranked the top products on the market, and the results are here for you to see. Why wait? It’s simple, it’s easy and your hair will thank you!

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