Tips for Reducing Cellulite

There’s so much advice out there on how to reduce cellulite at home, but who can you trust? How do you know what will really work? Find out what some experts have to say here, and remember, these work best when combined with a good anti-cellulite exercise routine and an effective cellulite reduction cream, such as the ones you can find here.

Brushing Cellulite Away

Massage treatments are a costly form of cellulite therapy, but did you know that the same treatment can be performed from the comfort of your own home? This procedure is known as dry brushing.

Dry brushing is achieved by massaging the problematic areas of your body for ten minutes, daily, with a soft shower brush. This method is best performed on dry skin in a rotating fashion.

While doing this technique, your skin will not only feel good, but toxins will actually be released from your body as it is done. This method will also assist in breaking down the cellulite and reducing the nasty jiggle that comes along with it.

– Dawn Gallagher, from “Naturally Beautiful”

The Aveda Remedy for Cellulite Reduction

This technique in reducing cellulite is all natural and involves mixing carrot essential oil, wintergreen, thyme and coriander with some base oil. Then, massage the oil mixture on the areas affected with cellulite.

With this method, circulation is stimulated, assisting the body to purge itself of toxins that are trapped within the cellulite. Though there is no medical research presently that proves this method works, it has brought positive results for my friends and I.

– Horst Rechelbacher, from “Aveda Rituals”

Cellulite Remedy using Coffee Scrub

When caffeine is topically applied, it acts as a very strong ingredient within cellulite creams, mainly because it is able to reduce fat cells. You can make a coffee scrub of your own at home to reduce cellulite.

This easy method involves taking coffee grounds that are warm and applying them to the problematic areas, using a wash cloth. Then, wrap these areas using plastic wrap for ten to about fifteen minutes. Using a bit of water will help to leach off the caffeine along with other alkaloids from the coffee, while the cloth will act in keeping them close to the skin. Your skin’s pores will open and absorb the caffeine with the help of the warm water, which acts to reduce the cellulite through stimulation of the circulation and assist the body in shedding fluids.

There have been reports of some who have left the coffee to sit on the skin for an hour or so, but this is not the best way. Though this remedy works, it may stain the skin brown temporarily.

– Diane Irons, from “Teen Beauty Secrets”

To learn how this works, be sure to check out our report on caffeine’s effects on cellulite.

Squatting to Reduce Cellulite

A valuable exercise to maintain for firming up problematic areas is squatting, but there is a second needful step in reducing cellulite that many people forget when doing squats.

Following the squat, women need to put their weight on each of their legs, as if rocking from side to side. After squatting, women should place their weight on one leg then another, as if rocking in a back and forth fashion. This rocking will give the muscles a workout that will line the outer part of the thighs. These particular muscles are not frequently used, except by ice skaters. Adding in this step with the squats will assist in reducing cellulite in both of the legs.

– Amy E. Newburger, from “Looking Good at Any Age”

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Protein Boost

Building muscle will assist in reducing cellulite by ridding the body of fat, a big cellulite contributor. By adding a small amount of protein daily to your diet, you can build muscles, but eating a large amount of peanut butter isn’t the best solution. Your protein should be chosen from sensible sources in order to receive the best cellulite reduction.

– Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley, from “The Beauty Bible”

A Salt Solution for Cellulite Reduction

Using a salt scrub is another great cellulite remedy. Simply rub the particular place where cellulite is present on your body with Epsom salts (found in most drugstores) while showering. The salt acts to extract moisture that’s trapped within your cellulite and stimulates your circulation. This cellulite-reducing scrub also assists in firming and tightening up your skin, creating less cellulite, but rub gently, because rubbing too hard can hurt your skin.

– Diane Irons, from “911 Beauty Secrets.”

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