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By: Chief Beauty Advisor  |  Ariel Bailey

Cellulite is a skin blemish that goes by many names – “cottage cheese thighs”, skin dimples, “orange peel” skin – but no matter what you call it, cellulite is considered an annoying beauty problem for millions of people.

There are products and methods for ridding yourself of cellulite and developing smooth, supple skin. But before you decide which approach is right for you, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the problem first. What is cellulite? How does it form? What is the best treatment for cellulite, and how do I get it? These questions and more will be answered below. If you’re curious, feel free to keep reading.

Best Treatment for Cellulite

What is cellulite, and why does it form? Most people assume that only overweight or obese people get cellulite, but that simply isn’t true. Cellulite can happen to anyone, even seemingly fit people who perform lots of cardiovascular exercise. It can happen to men or women, and may develop in their younger years, or later in life.

That’s because the formation of cellulite comes from a combination of factors: the way fat cells are stored in your body, and the elasticity of the skin which rests on top of your body fat. If your body doesn’t store its extra calories evenly, or you have pockets of saggy, uneven skin, cellulite dimples are likely to form. That’s why the best cellulite treatment will address these issues in order to smooth out your skin’s appearance.

Is the Best Treatment for Cellulite Surgical?

This can be a tricky question to answer. For some, taking the surgical route can offer quick, effective, and sometimes immediate results. But going under the knife always carries some sort of risk associated with it. Liposuction, for example, often requires general anesthesia which is inherently more dangerous than staying conscious and applying a local anesthetic to wherever your cellulite has formed. And most patients have to wait weeks – if not months – for the swelling and surgical trauma to subside before they can even tell if the procedure worked or not., first make sure you get a good doctor. This will require a lot of research on your part. Make sure they are board certified, working out of a clean hospital, and have a long history of happy customers with impressive before and after pictures. Also, be prepared to pay a hefty price tag. Cosmetic surgery is never cheap, and doctors who specialize in the best treatment for cellulite often charge more for their services.

Is the Best Treatment for Cellulite Topical?

Some aesthetic enthusiasts out there will swear up and down that the best treatment for cellulite is either a non-invasive or minimally invasive laser treatment. These procedures are usually safer than full-blown liposuction, offer shorter recovery times, and often cost less. But you still have to do your research and find a qualified salon with professional technicians capable of executing a successful procedure. And, like surgery, you may not be 100% satisfied with your results once your body finishes healing and reverts to its normal state.

For these reasons, most people would agree that the best treatment for cellulite comes in the form of a topical cream. Applying a skin-firming lotion or gel doesn’t require any invasive surgery and it won’t risk any physical damage or infection to your skin. The best treatment for cellulite creams can be purchased from the privacy of home for relatively low cost, and many see results in as little as a few weeks.

What Would the Best Treatment for Cellulite Cream be Made of?

When looking for the best treatment for cellulite in cream form, you want to keep your eye out for a few of these reliable ingredients. Caffeine, for starters, flushes excess fat, water, and toxins out from under your skin’s surface and creates a smoother, firmer appearance. Retinol A, a common ingredient in many anti-aging products, also helps to boost collagen production in the skin and flatten out those dimples. Finally, shea butter is a simple yet potent moisturizer which helps even out your skin tone, thereby reducing the mountains and valleys that are common with cellulite contours.

If you want to find a high-quality cellulite cream, you will have your work cut out for you. The beauty market is virtually flooded with gels and lotions which claim to be the best treatment for cellulite, but often don’t deliver results. A good place to start would be our research page, where we break down the top ranked creams and rate their performance based on effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and overall value.

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