All About Teenage Acne

Pretty much every teenager will struggle with acne at some point. Boy or girl, acne doesn’t discriminate. Acne outbreaks can cause severe damage, both physically and emotionally. When you’ve broken out, it’s hard to feel your best; it’s hard to have confidence, and it’s hard to remember that there’s a beautiful face underneath the blemishes.

But there’s good news. Acne treatments have advanced significantly over the years. Now, there are many different things teens can do to fight breakouts and enjoy healthier, clearer, more beautiful skin.

Read on to learn more about fighting teenage acne.

Caring for Teenage Acne

How can teenagers fight acne? It all starts with having excellent hygiene. Now, more than ever before, you must make sure to wash your face carefully twice a day.

When washing, don’t scrub the area. This will only irritate the skin and worsen your breakout. Instead, you should treat the area tenderly. Wash your face gently and rinse thoroughly. You may even want to use a moisturizer to further soothe your skin.

Whatever you do, resist the temptation to pop your pimples. You might think that popping pustules will get rid of them, but it will only make the inflammation worse and increase the chances of permanent scarring.

Statistics on Teenage Acne

When we say that almost every teen will suffer from acne, we aren’t exaggerating. Statistics show that acne affects over 90% of teens. In fact, some studies show that 100% of all people will suffer from acne at some point in their life. You aren’t alone.
Here are some other statistics on teenage acne:

• 25% of teenage acne sufferers will end up with scars that could have been avoided with proper care and treatment.

• 40% of teenage acne sufferers will not do anything to treat their condition. This often results in permanent scarring.

Educate yourself on treating acne and take the appropriate measures to care for your skin. Make no mistakes; it won’t be easy but, if you follow the right treatment plan, you can get rid of acne and enjoy beautiful, healthy skin.

How to Get Rid of Teenage Acne

The right acne treatment can change everything. With a good cleansing system, you can get rid of acne and stay protected against future breakouts. Not sure where to find a good cleansing system? Our acne treatment reviews and comparisons will help you find the treatment system that is right for you.

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