Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients: Kinetin

Kinetin is a compound that belongs to a class of hormones that are responsible for the process of cell division in plants. Some of the earliest studies concerning Kinetins, conducted in the 1940, involved compounds pulled from carrots and coconuts.

At this time, there isn’t enough information available for customers to know if Kinetin is safe. For this reason, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or who may become pregnant, should not use cosmetic products that contain Kinetin. Not enough is known about the possible effects that this ingredient may have on a developing child, so choose to be safe, and avoid using products that contain this ingredient.

The only published studies that focus on the cosmetic applications of Kinetin have all been conducted by a single researcher. In addition, these studies were all funded by Senetek PLC, a company which designs and markets dermatological products, including cosmetics. Although this calls the results of these studies into question, it does not mean that they are untrustworthy. Once follow-up studies are conducted by third-party researchers, consumers will be better informed on the effects of this ingredient.

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