Celebrity Secrets for Anti-Aging

Have you noticed how lately, celebrities – mostly the female ones – seem to be aging in reverse? It almost doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Look at Ellen DeGeneres for example.

No, the captions for those photos weren’t swapped by mistake! The photo on the left in which her skin looks wrinkled, blotchy, and overexposed was taken about twenty years ago. And the photo on the right is how she looks today.

And she isn’t the only one, either! Take a look at these other female celebrities:

Not one of those women is under the age of 40. Heck, Ms. Ripa (pictured far left) is the only woman on the panel who’s under the age of 45! And only by a year! How is it that so many female celebrities either look like they haven’t aged a day in the last 20 years, or seem to be improving in looks as the years go by?

Plastic Surgery

That’s the default explanation that most people’s minds go to when they think about celebrities who still look good after decades in the spotlight. And it’s a perfectly logical assumption to make. After all, they have tons of money to spend, all of the best plastic surgeons live in Southern California, and it’s their job to look good – surely a few grand in Botox is a small investment when tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income is on the line.

But then again…wouldn’t the secret get out? Even if a surgeon swears himself to secrecy in order to protect his clients, what about the staff? Wouldn’t they be excited to tell their friends about seeing a celebrity at work that day? And with social media being what it is, wouldn’t the gossip spread like wildfire? Also, what about recovery time? Most celebrities can’t afford to spend weeks or months out of the limelight to recover from a major procedure.

In short, maybe plastic surgery isn’t what’s keeping all of these celebrities looking young and beautiful.

Blaming Photoshop

Because we’re analyzing photographs, it’s easy to point a finger and blame Photoshop for brushing away the years and making their skin look blemish-free. But some of these women – Ripa and DeGeneres especially – are in front of the TV cameras on an almost daily basis. And since it’s nearly impossible to Photoshop film, their appearances must be the real deal.

Miracle Makeup

As stated earlier, these women are rich celebrities who have enough money to snap their fingers and summon a makeup genie at a moment’s notice (that may be a bit dramatic of a statement, but you get our point). However, if that is the answer to the question, it’s a horrible one because it begs even more questions: who are these magical makeup magicians? What products are they using? How much do they cost? And if they are prohibitively expensive for the average woman to purchase for herself (which they are likely to be), how can we find affordable alternatives?

Until we know the answers, we’re just going to have to keep trying to find the right beauty products through trial and error, hoping that something works. Or maybe, if we’re lucky, one of them will come out and let us in on their celebrity beauty secrets.

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