Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients: Alpha Lipoic Acids

Alpha Lipoic Acids are antioxidants that can be synthetically formulated in a laboratory. In addition, they are naturally present in some food-types, including spinach, broccoli, liver, kidney, potatoes, and yeast. The human body utilizes Alpha Lipoic Acids as a tool for breaking down carbohydrates. Unlike other compounds, Alpha Lipoic Acids also increase the energy available to cells by replenishing their stores of Vitamins E and C.

Exposure to Alpha Lipoic Acids can result in various side effects, including irritation of the skin and decreased levels of blood sugar. Since exposure to Alpha Lipoic Acids can lower blood sugar levels, patients with diabetes should consult with a physician before using products that contain this ingredient. In addition, there is an unexplored potential for risk in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or may become pregnant. If you are unsure about using products that contain Alpha Lipoic Acids, please consult with a licensed physician before use.

When absorbed by the skin, Alpha Lipoic Acids prevent molecules and proteins from adhering to each other in a complex process known as cross-linkage. Cross-linkage magnifies the visible effects of aging by hardening arteries and by stiffening the skin, which increases your chances of developing wrinkles.

Although several studies on the effects of Alpha Lipoic Acids have been published, they have focused almost exclusively on the effect of ingesting this ingredient in pharmaceuticals. These studies suggest that Alpha Lipoic Acids can be used topically to combat the visible effects of the aging process, but no clinical studies have been published to support these suggestions.

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