4 Easy Ways to Get Thicker Hair Naturally

Brittany Kline
By: Senior LetsTalkBeauty Editor  |  Brittany Kline

Everyone wants thick, beautiful hair that’s easy to style, shines as bright as the sun, and has that gorgeous, healthy glow to it. However, maintaining thick hair can be a challenge. As we get older, hair naturally thins and falls out. Did you know that most people lose up to 100 hairs per day?

Thankfully, there are many steps that all of us can take to keep our hair thick and lustrous. Here are four methods to naturally keep your hair thick and healthy.

In this article:

  1. # 1 Care for Your Scalp With Brushes or Massages
  2. # 2 Go Easy on the Heat
  3. # 3 Monitor Your Diet
  4. # 4 Check Out the Right Kind of Supplements

# 1 Care for Your Scalp With Brushes or Massages

Hair care goes well beyond literally just caring for your hair. The health of your scalp is critically important to maintaining a thick head of hair. If your scalp is in bad shape, cluttered with dead skin or otherwise damaged, it can limit the size of your hair follicles. This, in turn, results in thinner hair.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to easily care for your scalp that go beyond shampoo. Give yourself a good scalp massage with massage oil. You can also purchase and use a scalp scrub or shampoo brush. Other suggestions include giving your hair a variety of treatments that use common types of food, including eggs, olive oil, avocado, and more. These hair treatments allow nutrients to condition hair shafts and increase their shine.

# 2 Go Easy on the Heat

Many of us will use curling irons or hair dryers while caring for our hair. That’s common, of course, but there are real concerns with doing so. Among them: you can damage the thickness of your hair. This can happen with regular use or just one bad swipe with a hot tool. If you’re going to use heat on your hair, try to always use low heat to minimize the chance of damage.

Did you accidentally damage your hair with heat? Protein treatments can help, but you may have to start cutting off those split ends.

# 3 Dietary Additions for Thicker Hair

Remember, your hair is mostly made of keratin, a specific type of protein. What you eat can positively or negatively impact the thickness of your hair. Consuming foods that will rebuild the keratin in your hair can help add to your hair’s continuity and shine. As such, you should monitor your diet and ensure that it is protein-rich. Examples of foods you can consume to help thicken your hair include salmon, eggs, yogurt, and walnuts.

It’s important to note that a diet helps your hair beyond just protein. Other important vitamins for hair growth include zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and biotin. You can get these nutrients in foods like salmon, sardines, and eggs.

Beautiful natural hair
The foods you eat affect how thick and shiny your hair is.

# 4 Check Out the Right Kind of Supplements for Thicker Hair

While good nutrition can help, sometimes your body needs more. A good supplement can do a great job in helping to make your hair thicker. Eating the right nutrients can help the composition of your hair to keep it full and shiny.

So, what types of supplements work best? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Vitamin A adds moisture and growth.
  • Biotin and other B vitamins can assist with the creation of red blood cells, which bring oxygen and other important nutrients to the hair, stimulating hair growth.
  • Vitamins C and E are antioxidants that fight off damaging free radicals in your hair.
  • Vitamin D helps push back against naturally occurring hair loss.
  • Iron helps red blood cells nourish your scalp.
  • Zinc helps your hair growth and aids in hair repair damage.

Hair care can be difficult, and hair thickness is something that all of us strive for. Thankfully, the four tips listed above are all natural (and inexpensive!) ways of caring for our hair and scalp. Getting the right nutrients, massaging the scalp, and limiting heat on the hair will help it maintain and restore a natural shine. For more information about hair care, check out our other articles.

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