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Michelle Green
By: Senior Editor & Skincare Expert  |  Michelle Green

Ladies, we all want to be seen at our best; we want our lashes to be long and thick enough, and to give our eyes an alluring glamour, but realistically, most of us don’t have enough time or extra money to spend on perfecting our lashes on a daily basis.

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  1. 5 Best Ingredients For Eyelash Growth
  2. Peptide Power
  3. Biotin
  4. Hyaluronic Acid
  5. Vitamin B(s)
  6. Panthenol
  7. Where Do I Find the Right Eyelash Growth Serum?

There’s an entire market of products that offer to help us get the job done with less time and hassle, but each and every product seems to have some hidden side effects. For instance, some eyelash products contain a synthetic growth ingredient known as bimatoprost, which can leave you blind if you’re not careful. Other products, if absorbed by your eyes, can permanently alter the color of your irises.

If you are overwhelmed by the list of things to consider when searching for an eyelash product, then don’t worry; we’ve reviewed the major lash growth products on the market and rated them according to their effectiveness, safety, and cost. Take a look for yourself:

chart ratings
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5 Best Ingredients For Eyelash Growth

When you’re looking for an eyelash growth serum, it’s important to carefully read any ingredient label you can find. No one’s perfect; one slip and this stuff can go from on your lashes to in your eyes, so it’s imperative that there’s nothing potentially dangerous or harmful. 

That being said, there are ingredients on the good spectrum that are more beneficial than others. Knowing what these are can be the difference between wasting your money or finding eyelash growth products that really work. Here we highlight the five best ingredients you should be looking for in an eyelash growth product. 

Peptide Power

Just like our hair, eyelashes are almost entirely made of protein. What are peptides? They’re chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein! Not only can peptides help build more amino acids, but they can repair and replenish the already existing ones in your eyelashes currently. If your lashes are damaged, the first ingredient you want to look for in a lash treatment.

Peptides can vary in length and contain anywhere from two to ten amino acids in one unbroken chain. Link enough chains together and under the right conditions peptides can become a whole protein. Particularly powerful peptides include: dipeptide-2 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, especially for eyelash growth.


This vitamin can be found in tons of everyday foods like milk, eggs, and bananas. Most of the biotin in our bodies comes from these natural sources. But extra biotin can be incredibly useful for repairing broken or damaged structures like hair or eyelashes, which are both made of proteins. 

Taking biotin orally as a supplement can help with hair loss, increased hair growth, thickening hair, or repairing damage. But in the digestion, some of the most beneficial properties of biotin are lost. 

To reap the full benefits, it is best to apply biotin when included as part of a topical serum. This way, it is certain that the biotin gets directed to the hair you are looking to grow more of, in this case, eyelashes. 

Hyaluronic Acid

This naturally occurring substance exists in our bodies already. On average, humans contain approximately fifteen grams in our entire bodies. It may not seem like much, but one single gram of Hyaluronic Acid can hold almost 2 liters of water. 

That makes it exceptional at hydrating anything that our bodies need hydrated. It keeps our eyes from getting dry, lubricates joints, and helps cushion between muscles and skin. 

In eyelashes, Hyaluronic Acid can help to repair the dryness and damage that can be done with regular mascara use. Between layering on our favorite black goo, taking it off often has repercussions as well, stripping the small strands of important nutrients. 

Dry, brittle eyelashes are more prone to breaking and falling out. But all of that can be avoided by looking for a lash growth product that includes Hyaluronic Acid.

Vitamin B(s)

Did you know that there is more than one Vitamin B? In fact, there are eight different kinds, and the above-mentioned Biotin is one of them. 

Each one brings something different to the table, but for eyelash growth, the most important ones are B6, B7, and B12. Those particular forms of Vitamin B helps  our bodies form proteins, which are the primary structure of eyelashes. 

Vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine, and is necessary for the body to make its own amino acids. Amino acids, in turn, make up the proteins that construct eyelashes. Vitamin B7 is biotin, as explained above. B12 is also called cyanocobalamin, and is used by the body to process amino acids. 


Any useful eyelash growth treatment should include Panthenol. This moisturizing agent works on the molecular level to bind any serum it’s in to the eyelash follicle, preventing lash dehydration and fallout. Panthenol is a derivative of Vitamin B5, and thanks to its viscous nature at room temperature, helps to adhere serums to even damaged lashes and smoothing the surface.  

Panthenol also acts as the vehicle to bring other ingredients to the eyelash, and keep them there. Our eyes move all the time; we change our gaze; we blink. 

So thus, our eyelashes move too, near constantly. Panthenol keeps the serum on our lashes and out of our eyes, without leaving a sticky, tacky residue behind. 

Where Do I Find the Right Eyelash Growth Serum?

If you’re looking for a product that contains all of the above ingredients and even superfood-sourced antioxidants as well, you’re not alone. It can seem impossible to find one product that can do so much good with no ill side effects. But if you want your lashes to have the best, then look no further than the winner at the top of our chart. 

MarveLash is formulated with natural extracts and teas, and contains everything our eyelashes need to be completely radiant. The effects are not just a quick fix, but leave lasting long-term results. It is formulated to encourage a lush lash texture, and promotes the maximum amount of lash growth. Check out our in-depth analysis by clicking here!

Michelle Green
Senior Editor & Skincare Expert
Michelle Green is a well-established aesthetician with over 20 years experience in skincare. She has researched over 5,000 products over the past decade, striving to help her readers fine-tune their skincare routine so they can get the results they want.

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