Carrie Underwood’s Difficult Journey

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Carrie Underwood, America’s country sweetheart, was once was just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. How small? Try three thousand people. That was the size of Carrie’s quaint country hometown.

But even with an idyllic background setting for her humble beginnings, her life has been full of both private tragedy and public acclaim. A series of events left the star both heartbroken and physically scarred; yet, a bedrock of faith has kept her strong throughout every ordeal.

While known for her sunny demeanor, there has always been a bit of an edge to the country singer as well. She won season four of American Idol and brought her talented voice to our TV screens and stereos. In her hit single, Two Black Cadillacs, she provides discourse over the topic of men out there who need to keep it in line when they have got a good woman. It was the first time that we heard Carrie’s voice tinted with a darker edge and a heavy taste for revenge.

The Fall

In November of 2017, Underwood fell while walking her dogs outside of her Nashville home. She broke her left wrist and did extensive damage to her face.

The damage tally included 50 facial stitches and a left wrist held in place by just a few pieces of metal.

The incident occurred on the front steps of the singer’s own home. Carrie warned her fans about the look in 2018. “… I might look a bit different,” she told fans as she emerged from her time out of the spotlight. Underwood was championed for her bravery and earnestness by fans. Despite stitches and scars, Underwood is as beautiful as ever, not only because of her looks, but her indomitable spirit.

Carrie Underwood remains positive despite her hardships

The Miscarriages

A few years before the fall, Underwood suffered three different miscarriages within the span of two years while trying to start a family with her new husband, hockey star Mike Fisher.

“I’ve had a good life, and you can’t win all the time,” says Carrie when interviewed about her tragic losses.

This was a time of intense grief for the country music star. She tried to understand why this was happening and even had numerous conversations with her husband about her being at fault. Even though she is a devout Christian, Carrie says she also started to question God.

She channeled her frustration into even more stardom. Carrie’s hit, Before He Cheats, is the moment that the country singer makes a full crossover from a shy, light persona to an angry, not-at-peace-with-my-God state that we are discovering today.

Getting Closer to God

That tang of rage actually ended up bringing Carrie closer to her creator. The anger was powerful; even with Carrie’s famous sunny, determined demeanor, the urge to have a few words was not withheld.

“Why … do I keep getting pregnant if I can’t have a kid?” Underwood asks; it is a difficult question many women have had to wonder in their lives.

Unlike her major fall at home— something that she was able to cover up— Carrie was vocal about the anguish at the prospect of having children but not seeing any. The country singer said that for the first time, she really told God about how she felt. The honesty brought her that much closer to her Almighty.


Today, Carrie is faring well with two young, healthy boys. Jacob Bryan Fisher is only 5 months to date. His older brother, Isaiah, turned four this past March.

Though she has been open with the press about her private life to an extent, she is not overly social. Carrie prefers to lay low for the time being. Her current to-do list includes raising her two kids, being in love with her husband, and keeping 2019 as a time for soul searching.

Underwood has been a shining example of how to turn personal pain into professional triumph. It is clear from her successes that we can expect to discover even more groundbreaking music, whether her life continues to return to fairy tale status or gives her another challenge to surmount. Carrie has shown that she can handle whatever life throws at her.

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